The Hunting Genius (2017)


Drama , Action , Drama , Suspense , Chinese | Episodes 36

7.7 745 10 0


Lin Yuan Su meets Die Qi, Qiu Ling, Xia Gu Duo, and Zhou Qi after they all participate in a search for a missing dog. The five people are of different ages, come from different backgrounds, and have very different personalities, but they decide to form an agency that looks for missing people in their free time. At first, they don't see eye-to-eye, but after some time they form a strong friendship. Through their experiences of looking for missing people, they each also find themselves and understand the true purpose of looking for people. As the unlikely group of 5 gets closer, Lin Yuan Su finds the courage to start looking for his father, who has been missing for 22 years, and enlists his fellow hunters in helping him.


Hu Yun Hao Lin Yuan Su Main Role
He Hua Ying Ni Main Role
Chung Kenny Qiu Ling Main Role
Fu Jia Zhou Qi Main Role

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Drama , Action , Drama , Suspense , Chinese