The Idolmaster KR (2017)

The [email protected], 아이돌마스터.KR

Drama , Friendship , Manga , Music , Korean | Episodes 24

8.1 7411 10 0


THE [email protected], set in the world of Korean entertainment production, stars Korean idols of course, as well as other Japanese and Thai hopefuls. Like the original game, the drama follows a group of young women as they embark on a career in the entertainment industry, and depicts their sweat and tears, their hopes and dreams.


Lee Ji Won Ji Won Main Role
Heo Young Joo Young Joo Main Role
Lee Soo Ji Lee Soo Ji / Lee Soo Ah Main Role
Kim So Ri So Ri Main Role
Teramoto Yukika Yukika Main Role
Chun Jane Jane Main Role
Lee Ye Eun Ye Eun Main Role
Cha Ji Seul Ji Seul Main Role
Kwon Ha Seo Ha Seo Main Role
Jung Tae Ri Tae Ri Main Role
Sung Hoon Kang Shin Hyuk Main Role
Park Chul Min Shim Min Chul Supporting Role
Kang Ye Seul Ye Seul Supporting Role
Lee Ka Eun Chae Na Kyung Supporting Role

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Drama , Friendship , Manga , Music , Korean