The King of Blaze (2018)

Huo Wang Zhi Po Xiao Zhi Zhan, 电视剧火王, Dian Shi Ju Huo Wang, 火王之破晓之战

Drama , Fantasy , Historical , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 80

7.7 4349 10 0


A story revolving around the Fire God, the Wind God and the ensuing romance between them as they risk their lives for the sake of their homeland. Thousands of years ago, there was a beautiful planet amongst the stars where the deities lived. Among them, there were six powerful gods that include the God of Fire, God of Wind and the God of Mountain maintained the peace in the realms. During adangerous battle with dark forces, the deities suffer a huge blow. Wind is nowhere to be found after rescuing Fire. In order to find an alternate energy source to save their home, Fire travels to the glorious age of Tang Dynasty where he meets a person who looks exactly like his long-lost love, the God of Wind and ignites a complicated romance between the two.


Zhang Jun Han Support Role
Liu Hai Lan Princess Zhao Ping Support Role
Sui Ke Ming Qi Le Support Role
Wang Vivian Pei Luo Qing Support Role
Zhang Wei Na Xing Qiu Support Role
Lai Yu Meng Hua Cheng [Goddess of Water] Main Role
Sun Shao Long Di Yun [God of Mountains] Main Role
Du Jun Ze You He [God of Lakes] Main Role
Jing Tian Qian Mei [God of Wind] / Feng Jian Main Role
Chen Bo Lin Zhong Tian [God of Fire] Main Role
Zhang Yi Jie Hao Yue [God of Thunder] Main Role