The Ladder of Love (2016)

Ai De Lou Ti, 爱的阶梯

Drama , Melodrama , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 69

7.7 596 10 0


Being a wealthy heir is not always without hardships. Zhang Hao Tian (Ray Cheung) is the heir of a large corporation who faces conspiracies all around him from those who want to bring him down. Although his heart belongs to the sweet Chen Qiu Yan (Zhang Meng), Hao Tian is entrapped into marrying Song Zi Han (Dilraba Dilmurat) while Luo Shan (Hao Ze Jia) is helpless to stop it. Meanwhile, Hao Tian’s college friends, Lu Feng (Zhou Ting Wei) and Chu Yao Hui (Gao Vengo), each face their own challenges as they try to pursue their own happiness in life.


Zhang Lemon Chen Qiu Yan Main Role
Cheung Ray Zhang Hao Tian Main Role
Hao Ze Jia Luo Shan Supporting Role
Hu Cai Hong He Min Supporting Role
Zhou Ting Wei Lu Feng Supporting Role
Yang Cheng Cheng Chu Tian Xin Supporting Role
Dilmurat Dilraba Song Zi Han Supporting Role
Gao Vengo Chu Yao Hui Supporting Role
Huang Tian Qi Dong Dong Supporting Role
Zhang Wei Na Zhang Le Mei Supporting Role
Ying Jun Unknown Role