The Legendary School: Three Lives Three Worlds Tao Hua Yuan (2017)

Tao Hua Yuan, Xuéyuàn Chuánshuō Zhī Sān Shēng Sānshì Táohuā Yuán, 学院传说之三生三世桃花缘

Drama , Fantasy , Romance , School , Sci-Fi , Chinese | Episodes 40

7.5 1594 10 0


This web-drama tells the love entanglements of Miao Li and Wang Lan over the span of three lives in three different worlds. The two attend a mysterious school where descendants from various clans, dragons, foxes, and etc gather around to resolve centuries-old entanglements. The rich second-generation young master, the sunny and candid Bai Long, is in love with Wang Lan and has protected her for thousands of years. Wang Lan’s best friend, Xiao Tao, stays by Wang Lan’s side to repay her gratitude for their master-and-servant relationship in their previous lifetime. Hu Li is a foolishly cute fox fairy and is the perfect example of a caring and sensitive man. He protects Wang Lan in one of her lives. The rich and handsome teacher Hao Yue is the mentor of Liu Yun, the school nurse. This pair seems like ordinary people, but in reality, one is the Chinese cupid and the other is an immortal. To add to the mysteriousness, the dramas has the addition of two new characters, Su Jiao Jiao and Zhu Liang Chen.


Ren Yan Kai Miao Li Main Role
Zhang Ya Qin Wang Lan Main Role
Chen De Xiu Hao Yue Supporting Role
Chen Chambers Bai Long Supporting Role
Wang Yi Fei Su Jiao Jiao Supporting Role
Cai Zhao Zhu Liang Chen Supporting Role
Xiong Dylan Liu Yun Supporting Role

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Drama , Fantasy , Romance , School , Sci-Fi , Chinese