The Mystic Nine (2016)

Lao Jiu Men, Old Nine Gates, Old Nine Door, 老九门

Drama , Action , Adventure , Fantasy , Friendship , Historical , Military , Romance , Supernatural , Suspense , Chinese | Episodes 48

7.7 1278 10 0


A prequel to "The Lost Tomb" and follows the leaders of the nine grave-robbing families and their adventures to save the people of Changsha from a potential deadly threat.


Zhao Zanilia Yin Xin Yue Main Role
Chan William Zhang Qi Shan Main Role
Ying Jun Qi Tie Zhui Main Role
Hu Yun Hao Chen Pi A Si Main Role
Zhang Ming En Lieutenant Zhang Main Role
Zhang Yi Xing Er Yue Hong Main Role
Zhao Shu Ting Ya Tou [Young] Supporting Role
Yuan Crystal Ya Tou Supporting Role
Peng Xiao Ran Huai Chan Supporting Role
Stokes Andrew Charles Hendry Cox Supporting Role
Xu Kennedy Cun Da Fu Supporting Role
Zhang Lu Yi Lao Gou Supporting Role
Yang Zi Jiang Xiao Xie Jiu Supporting Role
Wang Mei Ren Huo Jin Xi Supporting Role
Wang Chuang Lu Jian Xun Supporting Role
Li Zong Han Hei Bei the Sixth Supporting Role
Huang Zi Xi Mo Ce Supporting Role
Kuang Can Hei Zu Zhang Lao Supporting Role
Zhang Edward Wu Lao Gou Guest Role
Zhou Ting Wei Jiu Shan Mei Zhi Guest Role
Huang Howie [Qi Shan's Father] Guest Role