The Night Of The Comet : II (2020)
Ep 1


  • Release: 2020
  • Broadcast network: Mango TV

The Night Of The Comet : II (2020)

連星来的那一夜 2 // 彗星II:蓝洞之恋

Drama , Fantasy , Mystery , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 24

7.5 236 10 0


30 year-old arrogant boss 'Lin Senhe' and a 20 year-old drama girl 'Bai XiaoXin' meet when 'Bai XiaoXin' finally passes the interview to play a role as an Anchor on 'Lin Senhe's' broadcasting show to promote the long awaited "Sanming Island". However, on the much-anticipated September 25th, during the live broadcast of the grand reveal of The Sanming Island, tragedy strikes Lin Senhe and Bai XiaoXin. Due to 'Bai XiaoXins' equipment malfunctioning during the special dive, 'Lin Senhe' tries to save her. Unfortunately in the process, A mysterious Blue Hole sucks 'Lin Senhe' into a Parallel Universe and Back in Time in which troublesome, challenging and strange events surround him. A beautiful story in which the differences/struggles between 'Lin Senhe' and 'Bai XiaoXin' creates an escalating affection/love they have for one another, helping them shape their wonderful Destiny... 


Yu Yi Jie Support Role
Zhang Yu Jian Main Role
Lu Zhao Hua Main Role
Sun Kai Kai Unknown Role