The One Who Escapes (2018)


  • Release: 2018
  • Broadcast network: Dragon TV

The One Who Escapes (2018)

THE DOUBLE, Tuo Shen Zhe, 脱身者

Drama , Action , Chinese | Episodes 50

7.4 149 10 0


On New Year’s Day in 1949, female accountant Huang Li Wen returns to her hometown Shanghai in order to commemorate her husband and comrade’s death. As a Communist agent, she is ordered to obtain valuable information for the Communist Party and aid them in their quest for liberation. During her mission, Li Wen is reunited with her family members and becomes acquainted with the streetwise Qiao Zhi Cai and his younger twin brother Qiao Li Jie, who turns out to be a key player in Huang Li Wen’s mission


Chen Kun Qiao Zhi Cai | Qiao Li Jie Main Role
Wan Qian Huang Li Wen Main Role
Wang Qi Nan Unknown Role

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Drama , Action , Chinese