The Palace 3: The Lost Daughter (2014)


Drama , Drama , Chinese | Episodes 63

7.4 277 10 0


At birth, Lian Cheng was exchanged for a baby boy Heng Tai. From then on their fates became totally different. Lian Cheng grew up in the streets and worked at brothels, while Heng Tai grew up in the majestic Wei'e general's mansion. By a mysterious coincidence, Lian Cheng and Heng Tai meet and gradually fall in love, resulting in Lian Cheng returning to the general mansion, her birth home. However, their love is not looked upon kindly, and meet with several obstacles along the way.


Kou Zhen Hai Fucha Wenghadai Support Role
Yang Ming Na Lady Hoifa-Nara (The Step Empress) Support Role
Zhang Ya Meng Ru Mei Support Role
Yuen Kingdom Mother Li Support Role
Memet Vicky Bai Le Support Role
Zhang Tian Yang Guo Xiao Support Role
Su Mao Wang Huzi Support Role
Wang Ren Jun Fucha Mingxuan Support Role
Zhang Zhe Han Sun He Li Support Role
Yin Xiao Tian General Duo Long Support Role
Zhou Cassie Bu Qingyun Support Role
Shen Bao Ping Minister Tong Support Role
Tong Kent Aisin Gioro Hongli [Qianlong Emperor] Support Role
Chan Alice Madam Song Li Support Role
Xu Xing Mother Guo Support Role
Tan Li Min Madame Tong Support Role
Huo Zheng Yan Ah Di Support Role
Gao Yun Xiang Jiang Yichen Main Role
Yuan Mabel Song Lian Cheng Main Role
Lu Yi Fucha Hengtai Main Role
Wang Lin Na Lan Ying Yue Main Role
Shirley Dai Aisin Gioro Xingdai Main Role
Yang Rong Tong Yuxiu Main Role
Mao Xiao Tong Chunxi Guest Role
Cheng Eva Xiaoxue Guest Role
Chen Xiao Saman (Mage) Guest Role
Alyssa Chia Xingyu Guest Role
Bao Bei Er Xin Lang Guest Role
Calvin Zheng Minister Liang Guest Role
Chen Jing Yu Li Jia Guest Role
Liu Xiao Xiao Ruyan Guest Role
Bai Shan Princess Hui Guest Role
Wang Wayne Li Wei Guest Role
Yu Zheng Unknown Role
Li Hui Zhu Unknown Role