The Player (2018)

허슬, Hustle, 플레이어

Drama , Action , Crime , Korean | Episodes 14

8 9543 10 0


A police redemption team consisting of a swindler, a fighter, an elite hacker and a talented driver is asked to take back property hidden away by criminals. The driver, Cha Ah Ryung, grew up on the streets after being abandoned by her parents. 


Min Joon Hyun Sim Dal Soo Support Role
Kim Won Hae Jang In Gyoo Support Role
Kim Hyung Mook Support Role
Tae Won Seok Do Jin Woong Support Role
Ahn Se Ho Support Role
Krystal Cha Ah Ryung Main Role
Song Seung Heon Kang Ha Ri Main Role
Lee Shi Eon Im Byung Min Main Role
Hong Seok Cheon Guest Role

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Drama , Action , Crime , Korean