The Running Mates: Human Rights (2019)

달리는 조사관

Drama , Crime , Drama , Law , Korean | Episodes 16

8.7 2101 10 0


"Running Investigator" shines light on the lives of those who have their human rights infringed upon from the perspective of an inspector for the Human Rights Commission, who has neither the right to investigate nor prosecute.


Shim Ji Ho Oh Tae Moon [Lawyer] Support Role
Jang Hyuk Jin Jang Dong Seok [Detective] Support Role
Oh Mi Hee Ahn Kyung Sook [Chairwoman of NHRC] Support Role
Kim Joo Young Boo Ji Hoon [Deputy Director of The Policy Division at NHRC] Support Role
Shin Sung Il Unknown
Jang Jung Yeon Jin Soo Goo Support Role
Kim Roe Ha Han Kwang Ho Support Role
Lee Joo Woo Lee Dal Sook [Inspector of NHRC] Support Role
Lee Yo Won Han Yoon Seo Main Role
Jang Hyun Sung Kim Hyun Seok Main Role
Choi Gwi Hwa Bae Hong Tae Main Role
Kwon Min Kang Yoon Oh Guest Role
Jo Sun Mook Choi Jong Bok [Mayor] Guest Role
Oh Jae Kyun (Ep.1) Guest Role
Han Kyu Won Detective Yoon Joo Kang (ep.3-4) Guest Role
Jo Soo Min Han Yoon Jin (ep.3) Guest Role
Kim Yong Soo Unknown Role
Lee Hye In Unknown Role
Baek Jung Chul Unknown Role