The Secret Garden (2018)


Drama , Comedy , Documentary , Medical , Psychological , Youth , Korean | Episode 40

7.3 409 10 0


The Secret Garden, hosted by Jeong Hyeong Don, Sung Si Kyung and Jung Yoon Ju; coupled with criminal psychologist Lee Soo Jung, psychiatry specialist Yang Jae Ung and Jo Yeong Eun. This show aims to analyse and understand the mentality and personality aspects of the invited guests of each episode.


Kang Kyun Sung EP 7,8 Guest
Ahn Tony EP 7,8 Guest
Wheesung EP Guest
Jung Hyung Don Main Host
Sung Shi Kyung Main Host
Jang Yoon Ju Main Host
Kim Jung Hoon EP 5,6 Guest
Kim Sae Rom EP 5,6 Guest
Jang Dong Min EP Guest
Lee Soo Kyung EP 3,4 Guest
Park Sandara EP Guest
Kim Hye Eun EP 3,4 Guest
Kang Seung Yoon EP 1,2 with Don Spike Guest