Three Exits To Love (2013)


Three Exits To Love (2013)

三人行不行, 幸福街第3號出口

Drama , Drama , Life , Romance , Taiwan | Episodes 25

7.6 197 10 0


Xin Lu experiences two different love relationships with two men. With her relationship with the rich man Xu Li Yang and Xia Xiao Hua who is devoted to her on the side and being considerate with her. From this she slowly learns what is real love and learns to pursue the life that she wants.


Yao How Xu Li Yang Main Role
Lee Vivi Yang Xin Lu Main Role
Dou Bobby Xia Shao Hua Main Role
Yang Li Yin Zhao Hui Mei Supporting Role
Wang Dao Nan He Ba Jun Supporting Role
Lou Amily Yang Xin Man Supporting Role
Cheng Carol Hu Juan Juan Supporting Role