Tokasatsu Gagaga (2019)

Tokusatsu-Loving Woman, トクサツガガガ

Drama , Comedy , Life , Japanese | Episodes 7

8.4 180 10 0


The story centers on Kano Nakamura, a 26-year-old office worker seen as highly desirable in her workplace, but is in truth a tokusatsu (special effects shows) geek. She lives in fear of being found out: sneaking around town to get capsule toys for her favorite shows, singing tokusatsu songs alone in karaoke, and living her life with her heroes' credo in her heart. 


Morinaga Yuki Support Role
Kinami Haruka Support Role
Honda Takafumi Support Role
Terada Kokoro Support Role
Kurashina Kana Support Role
Matsushita Yuki [Nakamura's mom] Support Role
Takeda Rena Support Role
Koshiba Fuka Kano Nakamura Main Role

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Drama , Comedy , Life , Japanese



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