Tonari no Kazoku wa Aoku Mieru (2018)


Drama , Comedy , Family , Life , Romance , Japanese | Episodes 10

7.8 429 10 0


A scuba diving instructor, Nana and an ordinary salaryman, Daiki live together in a small apartment. After purchasing a 'corporative' house together in a residential complex, they soon decide that they want to conceive a baby. This is a desire which doesn’t come along too easily for them. So, the two of them set out on a mission to succeed with their new objective.


Nomaguchi Tohru Komiyama Shinichiro Support Role
Matobu Sei Komiyama Miyuki Support Role
Mashima Hidekazu Hirose Wataru Support Role
Kitamura Takumi Aoki Saku Support Role
Ito Kazue Kataoka Support Role
Takahata Atsuko Igarashi Satoko Support Role
Takahashi Maryjun Sugisaki Chihiro Support Role
Maehara Kou Keita Itokawa Support Role
Ando Miyu Yuka Komiyama Support Role
Hirayama Hiroyuki Kawamura Ryoji Support Role
Matsuyama Kenichi Igarashi Daiki Main Role
Fukada Kyoko Igarashi Nana Main Role