Trap (2019)


  • Release: 2019
  • Broadcast network: OCN

Trap (2019)

Teuraep, 트라프, 트랩

Drama , Investigation , Mystery , Thriller , Korean | Episodes 7

7.5 976 10 0


Kang Woo Hyun goes on a trip with his family and gets caught in a trap where he faces the situation of a lifetime. 


Jang Won Hyung Ho Gae Support Role
Yoon Gyung Ho Support Role
Lee Jae Gyoo Director
Nam Sang Wook Screenwriter
Lee Joo bin [Secretary Kim] Support Role
Seo Young Hee Shin Yun Soo [Woo Hyun's Wife] Support Role
Kwak Min Ho Support Role
Park Shin Woo Director
Kim Kwang Gyu Squad Chief Jang Support Role
Sung Hyuk Support Role
Lee Seo Jin Kang Woo Hyun Main Role
Im Hwa Young Yoon Seo Yeong Main Role
Sung Dong Il Go Dong Kook Main Role

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Drama , Investigation , Mystery , Thriller , Korean