Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes (2019)

ウルトラギャラクシーファイト ニュージェネレーションヒーローズ

Drama , Action , Drama , Sci-Fi , Tokusatsu , Japanese | Episodes 13

5.7 3 10 0


The New Generation Ultras team up to fight the League of Darkness, an evil organization made up of a selection of foes previously fought by the Ultras, along with X Darkness and Geed Darkness, two new evil Ultras allied with the League.


Sonohara Arisa Support Role
Suzuki Tatsuhisa Support Role
Miyano Mamoru Support Role
Tomokazu Sugita Support Role
Negishi Takuya Main Role
Uji Kiyotaka Main Role
Hamada Tatsuomi Main Role
Ishiguro Hideo Main Role
Hirata Yuya Main Role
Koike Ryosuke Main Role
Sakamoto Koichi Unknown Role