Unasked Family (2019)
Ep 1


  • Release: 2019
  • Broadcast network: KBS1

Unasked Family (2019)

Down the Flower Path, Walk the Flower Path, 꽃길만 걸어요

Drama , Drama , Family , Romance , Korean | Episodes 120

8.4 1256 10 0


This drama is about a housewife who has gone through a stormy marriage and a man with an upbeat personality who also weathered a tough times try to “reset” their lives.



Im Ji Kyu Nam Dong Woo Support Role
Shim Ji Ho Kim Ji Hoon Support Role
Jung So Young Nam Ji Yeong Support Role
Lee Yoo Jin Bong Seon Hwa Support Role
Kim Gyu Chul Kang Gyoo Cheol Support Role
Ryu Dam Jang Sang Moon Support Role
Kim Lee Kyung Kang Yeo Joo Support Role
Kim Kyung Sook Goo Yoon Kyeong Support Role
Sun Woo Jae Duk Hwang Byeong Rae Support Role
Ban Hyo Jung Support Role
Na Jong Chan Support Role
Jung Yoo Min Hwang Soo Ji Support Role
Kim Ji Hoon Jang Yeong Jae Support Role
Yang Hee Kyung Wang Kkon Nip Support Role
Kim Il Woo Support Role
Jo Hee Bong Nam Il Nam Support Role
Seol Jung Hwan Bong Cheon Dong Main Role
Choi Yoon So Kang Yeo Won Main Role

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Trailer Unasked Family

Drama , Drama , Family , Romance , Korean

  • Trailer Unasked Family
  • Trailer Unasked Family