Under the Black Moonlight (2016)


Under the Black Moonlight (2016)

Geomeun Dalbich Araeseo, 검은 달빛 아래서

Drama , Drama , Mystery , Thriller , Korean | Episodes 9

7.4 1018 10 0


The drama revolves about incidents that take place to an owner of a mountain cabin and his mother after a group of friends’ visit to the cabin. “Under Black Moonlight”, the first of the five series, is an unusual genre of mystery thriller. As it is known to have high-quality images and sophisticated story, “Under Black Moonlight” has drawn keen attention even from the stage of its scenario is written.


Nam Tae Hyun Kang Woo Main Role
Kim Soo Yeon Wol Ha Main Role
Kim Seo Ra [Kang Woo's mother] Main Role
Yang Young Jo Unknown Role