The Unholy Alliance (2017)

The Alliance, 同盟

Drama , Action , Thriller , HK | Episodes 28

7.5 9982 10 0


Ruco Chan discovers his real identity as a result of an attack and is forced into the scheming world of power. The leader of a powerful corporation, Nina Paw, is forced to give up her biological son Ruco in order to protect her family. Female bodyguard Nancy Wu receives orders to protect Ruco, while Nina's adoptive son Joel Chan falls in love with Elaine Yiu, the daughter of the rivaling family. The love and animosity creates a story of blood and tears.


Wu Nancy Yuen Tsing Yan Main Role
Chan Ruco Ko Chi Kit Main Role
Yiu Elaine Wai Yi Yau "Kate" Main Role
Chan Joel Ling Tsin Yau "Kent" Main Role
Kwok Samuel Wai Lui Supporting Role
Lam Alex Supporting Role
Lam Bella Law Ho Yee "Chloe" Supporting Role
Ng Carlo Supporting Role
Paw Hee Ching Ling Hung Supporting Role
Ngo Pierre Supporting Role
Huynh Stephen Supporting Role
Au Jimmy Yik Fung Supporting Role
Leung Oscar Supporting Role
Hon Mary Supporting Role

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Drama , Action , Thriller , HK