Unsung Cinderella: Byoin Yakuzaishi no Shohosen (2020)

アンサング・シンデレラ 病院薬剤師の処方箋

Drama , Drama , Medical , Japanese | Episodes 10

8.6 51 10 0


For the past eight years, Midori Aoi has worked as a hospital pharmacist. She believes pharmacists need to know about the daily lives of their patients. Despite some criticism, she remains steadfast in this belief, continuing to spend more time with her patients than other pharmacists.


Rokkaku Shinji Support Role
Sakurai Yuki Support Role
Nishino Nanase Support Role
Ikeda Tetsuhiro Support Role
Narita Ryo Support Role
Inowaki Kai Support Role
Usuda Asami Support Role
Tanaka Kei Support Role
Maya Miki Support Role
Denden Support Role
Sakoda Takaya Support Role
Kanazawa Miho Support Role
Hoshi Moeka Support Role
Ishihara Satomi Main Role
Asari Yosuke Guest Role
Ohgo Suzuka Guest Role
Nishihara Aki Guest Role
Maehara Kou Guest Role
Ando Miyu Guest Role
Iida Kisuke Guest Role
Kobayashi Takashi Guest Role
Nagase Riko Guest Role
Tsutomu Kuroiwa Unknown Role
Tanaka Ryo Unknown Role