Untouchable (2017)

Eonteocheobool, 언터처블

Drama , Action , Melodrama , Mystery , Thriller , Korean | Episodes 16

7.8 2291 10 0


The city of Bukcheon has been dominated by the Jang family for 3 generations. Jang Joon Seo is the second son of family leader Jang Beom Ho. A woman who Jang Joon Seo loves dies. After that, he tries to reveal the truth about her death and a secret from his family.


Park Geun Hyung Jang Beom Ho Support Role
Bae Yoo Ram Choi Jae Ho Support Role
Son Jong Hak Jang Beom Sik Support Role
Shin Jung Keun Yong Hak Soo Support Role
Park Won Sang Go Soo Chang Support Role
Ye Soo Jung Madam Park Support Role
Choi Jong Won Goo Yong Chan Support Role
Jin Kyung Jung Yoon Mi Support Role
Kim Sung Kyun Jang Ki Seo Main Role
Jin Goo Jang Joon Seo Main Role
Go Joon Hee Goo Ja Kyung Main Role
Jung Eun Ji Seo Yi Ra Main Role

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Drama , Action , Melodrama , Mystery , Thriller , Korean

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  • Trailer Untouchable