Wait in Beijing (2020)


Drama , Business , Drama , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 46

7.8 1907 10 0


A story revolving around two people with entirely different lifestyles whom through constant bickering find that they are more similar than they think. As their careers rise and fall, an eventual romance ensues. Xu Tian is a Chinese-American orphan who lives in Brooklyn. His neighbors have become his family and ever since he was young, he has always dreamed of becoming a lawyer who fights for the poor. Sheng Xia is a young woman from China studying abroad in the United States. She has a passion for fashion design and the heart to succeed. She dreams of opening her own boutique along the prestigious Fifth Avenue. Two people with their own ambitions cross paths in the city of New York and despite their respective Chinese and American upbringings, they become a pillar of support for each other in getting through life's challenges.


Lee Leon Han Ke / Hank Support Role
He Du Juan Sai Lin Na / Selina Support Role
Wang Lei Chen Ming Yuan Support Role
Luo Xiang Xiao Ming Hong Support Role
Jiang Meng Jie Jia Xiao Duo Support Role
Li Yi Feng Xu Tian Main Role
Jiang Maggie Sheng Xia Main Role
Hu George Shen Kai Main Role
Xu Bing Unknown Role