Waiting For You (2015)

Deng Ni Ai Wo, 等你爱我

Drama , Drama , Melodrama , Chinese | Episodes 38

7.5 569 10 0


In order to find her lost husband He Wu Zhou, the 31-year-old Xia Bai Lu brought her 5-year-old son, He Tong Tong, with her to Beijing. However, Tong Tong disappears while she was looking for her husband. Xia Bai Lu can rely on Qu He and Hong Zhong to find her son. Qu He is a cellist who wants to prove to everyone he can succeed without the help of his ex-wife's family whereas Hong Zhong is the president of a logistic company for a wholesale clothes mall. Right as she was able to start making a living in Beijing, He Wu Zhou's surprise appearance revealed many secrets one by one. He Wu Zhou, who is addicted to gambling, committed all kinds of crimes, putting three families in crises. The tough Xia Bai Lu wasn't defeated by life, and her spirit moved everybody. Under everyone's help, she took her first steps into making business.


Cao Xi Wen Xia Bai Lu Main Role
Zhu Gang Ri Yao Hong Zhong Main Role
Wang Kai Qu He Main Role
Fu Tian Jiao He Wu Zhou Supporting Role