Wake Atte Kasei ni Sumimashita: Erabareshi 4nin (2020)


Drama , Comedy , Drama , Sci-Fi , Japanese | Episodes 6

8.1 38 10 0


A project to colonize Mars will take place in 2030. Scientists will select 4 people to travel to Mars, which will hopefully benefit humanity and its future. The four people must match and be able to get along. What combination of personalities and backgrounds will they select?


Saito Takumi Omatsu Shota (Ep.5) Support Role
Yashima Norito Shinada (Ep.1-6) Support Role
Takahashi Katsumi Sakamoto (Ep.1-6) Support Role
Nakamura Toru Kanechika Hiroki (Ep.1) Support Role
Hirosue Ryoko Sayama Ayaka (Ep.3) Support Role
Kaname Jun Hideyama Shigeo (Ep.2) Support Role
Suga Kenta (Ep.2) Main Role
Sakiyama Tsubasa (Ep.1) Main Role
Miura Shohei Kisaragi Ren (Ep.6) Main Role
Yamoto Yuma Osugi Hayato (Ep.4) Main Role
Suzuki Osamu Unknown Role