Warm and Cozy (2015)

Jejudo Gaetsubi, Maendorong Ttottot, Agreeably Warm, Jejudo Gatsby, Jeju Island Gatsby, 맨도롱 또똣

Drama , Comedy , Food , Romance , Korean | Episodes 16

7.7 1755 10 0


Baek Geon Woo, a man that has everything that a woman wants in a man: good looks, eloquence, and a gentle manner. Although he’s the grasshopper type who only does things he wants to do, his honest personality is his charm. A clever man who knows his assets, he is unexpectedly innocent, opening a restaurant in Jeju Island just because the woman he likes is there. Lee Jung Joo, a woman who has struggled and worked hard all her life but never has a break, resulting in exasperation. She plays the grouchy ant in the fable. She puts up a front of confidence and pride but is actually weak and delicate. Never missing a day of work during the 7 years at her company, she starts a new life in Jeju Island after losing her job, house, and boyfriend in Seoul. They meet at Jeju island.


Kim Sung Oh Hwang Wook [Jeju's Mayor] Main Role
Yoo Yeon Seok Baek Geon Woo Main Role
Kang So Ra Lee Jung Joo Main Role
Seo Yi Ahn Mok Ji Won Main Role
Lee Young Yi No Bok Nyeo [Female diver] Supporting Role
Lee Sung Jae Song Jung Geun [Geon Woo's brother] Supporting Role
Jung Jin Young Jung Poong San Supporting Role
Kim Mi Jin Blogger Boo Mi Ra Supporting Role
Lee Han Wi Gong Jeong Bae Supporting Role
Kim Hee Jung Kim Hae Shil [Female diver] Supporting Role
Ok Ji Young Cha Hee Ra [Geon Woo's sister] Supporting Role
Na Seung Ho [Worker at the mayor's office] Supporting Role
Gu Bon Im Go Yoo Ja [Female diver] Supporting Role
Choi Sung Min Park Dong Soo Supporting Role
Kim Won Hyo [Newlywed](Ep.2) Guest Role
Son Ho Jun Joon Hee (Ep. 16) Guest Role
Lee Hwi Hyang Baek So Yong [Geon Woo's mom] Guest Role
Sun Woo Jae Duk [Jung Joo's father] Guest Role
Seo Hyun Yoo Ra (Ep.13) Guest Role
Go Kyung Pyo Jung Min [Jung Joo's cousin](Ep.1) Guest Role
Muzie [Lee Jung Joo's neighbor] Guest Role
Okyere Sam Himself [Member of Lady Divers Club](Ep.5-7) Guest Role
Song Ok Sook Guest Role
So Ji Sub [Cafe shop owner](Ep.1) Guest Role
Kim Kwang Gyu Mr. Choi (Ep.1) Guest Role
Lee Joong Moon Hong Gab [Jung Joo's boyfriend](Ep.1) Guest Role