Watashi no Ojisan: Wataoji (2019)

My Uncle ~ WATAOJI ~, 私のおじさん~WATAOJI~

Drama , Business , Comedy , Fantasy , Romance , Japanese | Episode 20

7.6 307 10 0


Hikari Ichinose failed at work and in love. She is desperate but finally lands a new job. Her employer is a production company which currently creates a variety show. Hikari Ichinose works with Director Chiba at the variety show. He has a foul mouth but is passionate about his work. Hikari Ichinose as an AD (assistant director), has difficult times at her job. One day, she sees Oji-san who introduces himself as a fairy. Nobody can see or hear Oji-san except for Hikari Ichinose. Since then, Oji-san follows her. 


Kote Shinya Support Role
Endo Kenichi Oji-san Support Role
Yuki Saito Director
Sayaka Aoki Support Role
Tozuka Junki Support Role
Tanabe Seiichi Support Role
Okada Yui Hikari Ichinose Main Role
Shirota Yu Director Chiba Main Role