Water Boyy The Series (2017)

Water Boyy The Movie

Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Thailand | Episodes 14

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This series is based on the 2015 movie Waterboyy. Waii is the most popular member and captain of the Ocean College swimming club. He has a difficult relationship with his father who is also the team’s coach. Apo is the latest swimmer to join the club and Waii’s new roommate.


Watthanasetsiri Pirapat Waii Main Role
Phumphothingam Nawat Fah Main Role
Imraporn Charada Pan Main Role
Winyuttha Chanthasuk Puth Supporting Role
Arsalprakit Krittanai Sang Supporting Role
Wijitwongthong Tanutchai Kluay Supporting Role
Kuariyakul Jirakit Gant Supporting Role
Teepprasan Tytan Chi Supporting Role
Haetrakul Dom Thir Guest Role

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Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Thailand