Who's not Rebellious Youth (2019)

Shui De Qing Chun Bu Pan Ni, Shei De Qing Chun Bu Pan Ni, Rebellious Youth, Who’s not Rebellious Youth, 谁的青春不叛逆

Drama , Drama , Romance , Youth , Chinese | Episodes 44

7.7 990 10 0


Due to an unforeseen circumstance, Lu Xiang has to assume his brother's identity and work as a high level manager at a video game company. His primary obstacle is that he doesn't know the first thing about business management, since he graduated with athletic degree. His life gets even harder when he meets Tang Shi, an elite coworker who has it out for him.


Liu Ya Peng Xue Shen Support Role
Liang David Lu Yin Support Role
Yin Qi Tao Le Support Role
Qu Yu Tong Wu Qing Support Role
Mao Xiao Tong Tang Shi Main Role
Yu Alan Lu Xiang Main Role

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Drama , Drama , Romance , Youth , Chinese