Wiang Roy Dao (2014)

Wieng Roy Dao, เวียงร้อยดาว

Drama , Drama , Historical , Horror , Romance , Supernatural , Thailand | Episodes 14

7.6 455 10 0


Roy Dao lived in England and was raised by adoptive parents after her biological mother passed away when she was a baby. She grow up into a young beautiful lady and came back to Thailand to inherit her dead father's will, but She starts to hear a mystery noise coming from Wiang Roy Dao, the place where Wiang Kaew (her biological mother) used to live. Roy Dao started to go investigate the voice that she heard and she saw the spirit of Wiang Kaew coming to hunt everyone in the Badintorn's House.


Panlertwongskul Manasnan Wiang Kaew Main Role
Pornweroj Krissada Khun Chai (Mor) Sipthip Wirumat Main Role
Temeeruk Nataporn Roy Dao / Meda Badinthorn Main Role
Treerattanawareesin Methus Mark Supporting Role
Salitun Dueantem Saeng Supporting Role
Leungutai Sumonthip Kratin Supporting Role
Jaron Sorat Poramat (Por) Yutitada Supporting Role
Thamapreedanan Nattarika Temdeun Badinthorn Supporting Role
Sithisaman Natthani Sangiam Supporting Role
Tungsupakul Pattrakorn Dala Supporting Role
Chalaikupp Pimpan Jomjit Badinthorn Supporting Role
Lawanprasert Srungsuda Chansai Supporting Role
Haetrakul Dom Pakorn Badinthorn Supporting Role
Seneetunti Wiragarn Dararet (Ret) Badinthorn Guest Role