With Elites (2017)

Wo Bu Shi Jing Ying, 我不是精英

Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 40

7.6 272 10 0


Childhood sweethearts Mi Yang and Wei Jing have been in a secret relationship because Mi Yang’s mother, who is a white-collar worker in a foreign enterprise, doesn’t like Wei Jing for she only graduated from a professional college and doesn’t have a stable job. But in the end, their relationship gets exposed and chaos ensues. While Mi Yang’s mother forces her son to find a woman with good qualifications, Wei Jing plans to become an “elite” and starts working at a foreign enterprise in order to satisfy Mi Yang’s mother and hold on to her love. Just when Wei Jing manages to succeed, their love is tested anew when Mi Yang makes a mistake at work and gets demoted


Lei Jia Yin Mi Yang Main Role
Deng Jia Jia Wei Jing Main Role
Zhang Xiao Qian Fei Ming Supporting Role
Mok Monica Liao Mei Supporting Role

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Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Chinese