Xue Jin Xuan Feng (2019)

Drama , Investigation , Chinese | Episodes 30

8.1 640 10 0


"School Cyclone" tells the story of a genius boy Peng Fei (Liu Chao ornaments) who has experienced mutations in his home. He was specially recruited by the Public Security Bureau to enter the police school. He is a good-natured policeman who is good at psychological writing, Li Wenwen (隋雨蒙饰), and three generations of single pass. Sanhao students" Yang Sidu (Li Baiyi), the intelligence professional's gossip expert Liu Xiaoting (youle ornaments), the idea of a lot of courageous technical house management (Li Hao decoration), Dazhi Ruoyu "fat cat" forensic Garfield (Cheng Fang Xu ornaments), like the bodyguard more like the security of the silly white "model" Li Zhuang (prince department decoration), seven new students with different personalities entered the special "experimental class" of the police school, in the devil The instructor Meng Fansheng (Jing Gangshan) has grown into a real policeman and gradually unveiled the story of his father's death.


Liu Ryan Peng Fei Main Role
Sui Yu Meng Li Wen Wen Main Role