Yell (2020)


Drama , Drama , Family , Friendship , Historical , Music , Romance , Japanese | Episodes 130

8.4 34 10 0


The story is based on the life of a japanese composer named Yuji Koseki from Fukushima in the Showa Era. In 1909, a long-awaited baby boy was born to a family which has run a dry goods store for generations in Fukushima Prefecture. He would later become the talented composer Koyama Yuichi who wrote many famous songs. Although Yuichi was brought up as the heir of the business, he was rather dreamy and considered a child with no redeeming traits by the people around him. However, when he encountered music, it sparked joy and unleashed his gift in composing music through self-study. As a youth, Yuichi secretly put his name down for an overseas songwriting competition. This would change his destiny. He won runner-up for the song he entered for the competition. As a result, he got to know a female student who wanted to be a singer. Despite the long distance between them – Fukushima and Toyohashi – the two of them tied the knot. When they came to Tokyo, they met all sorts of people and weathered a dark period to produce a number of hit songs. However, war broke out and Yuichi had to compose wartime songs at the army’s request. It pained him that young men died in battle after singing the songs he had written. After the war, the country began to recover amid the chaos. The couple made a new era of music in an attempt to encourage the wounded through the power of music.


Yamazaki Ikusaburo Sato Hisashi Support Role
Moriyama Naotarou Toudou Kiyoharu Support Role
Matsuo Satoru Suzuki Renpei Support Role
Sakumoto Takara Koyama Koji Support Role
Mochizuki Ayumu Matsuzaka Kanta Support Role
Mori Nana Sekiuchi Ume Support Role
Nomaguchi Tohru Katori Tamotsu Support Role
Mitsuishi Ken Sekiuchi Yasutaka Support Role
Kazama Morio Gondo Mohei Support Role
Naka Riisa Katori Megumi Support Role
Furukawa Yuuta Mitarai Kiyoshi Support Role
Karasawa Toshiaki Koyama Saburo Support Role
Horiuchi Keiko Kikuchi Shoko Support Role
Miura Takahiro Tanaka Takashi Support Role
Kikuchi Momoko Koyama Masa Support Role
Sugawara Daikichi Ogawara Takahiko Support Role
Nakamura Aoi Murano Tetsuo Support Role
Shibasaki Kou Futaura Tamaki Support Role
Shimizu Shin Kuwata Hiroto Support Role
Tanaka Taketo Oikawa Shizuo Support Role
Furuta Arata Hatsukaichi Homare Support Role
Noda Yojiro Kogarashi Masato Support Role
Masuyama Kayano Sugiyama Akane Support Role
Matsui Rena Sekiuchi Gin Support Role
Tsuda Kenjiro [Narrator] Support Role
Kakizawa Hayato Yamafuji Taro Support Role
Yakushimaru Hiroko Sekiuchi Mitsuko Support Role
Aijima Kazuyuki Ochiai Goro Support Role
Hotta Mayu Shizu Support Role
Kubota Masataka Koyama Yuichi Main Role
Nikaido Fumi Sekiuchi Oto Main Role
Hirata Mitsuru Uchikoshi Kinsuke Guest Role
Shimura Ken Guest Role
Shoen Takehiro Unknown Role
Yoshida Teruyuki Unknown Role


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