You Are My Family (2019)
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  • Release: 2019
  • Broadcast network: Anhui TV, PPTV, PPTV

You Are My Family (2019)

Ni Shi Wo De Qin Ren, 你是我的亲人

Drama , Family , Chinese | Episodes 34

7.8 102 10 0


Three babies born at the same time during the Great Tangshan earthquake get mixed up in the chaos. Twenty years later, a mother discovers that the son she raised is not her real son. It begins in the maternity ward of a small hospital. After giving birth, three pregnant women hurriedly take their babies from the nurse. Twenty years later, Bi Mengping's son is hospitalized after getting injured playing soccer. His father Liu Jingxian volunteers to give a blood transfusion but discovers that they are not a match. A father with blood type O and a mother with blood type B cannot have a son whose blood type is AB. Mengping looks into the possibility that her baby has been switched and finds Li Shuxia, the other pregnant woman at the ward. After many hurdles, the two families were able to verify their sons' identities but a third family from a farming village appears out of nowhere with another son. 


Zhou Xian Xin Li Shu Xia Support Role
Huang Ming Support Role
Kong Lin Wu Gui Zhi Support Role
Liu Bei Bi Meng Ping Main Role
Yao Lu Liu Jing Xian Main Role
Zhang Yan Bi Meng Ning Main Role