Young Sherlock (2014)

Youth of Detective Dee, Shao Nian Shen Tan Di Ren Jie, 少年神探狄仁杰

Drama , Historical , Mystery , Chinese | Episodes 10

7.6 948 10 0


At the height of Tang dynasty, a young man named Di Ren Jie went to the capital to take an imperial examination. During the test, he stopped an assassination attempt against Empress Wu's life. Seeing his bravery and quick thinking, the empress ordered him to investigate the incident.


Ma Tian Yu Wang Yuan Fang Main Role
Wong Bosco Di Ren Jie Main Role
Qi Stephy Li Wan Qing Main Role
Lin Ruby Wu Mei Niang Main Role
Yuan Justin Li Zhi Main Role
Sun Cindy Tong Meng Yao Main Role
Wu Janice Tong Meng Xi Supporting Role
Cheung Ray Li Run Nan Supporting Role
Sun Yoki Wu Qian Qian Supporting Role
Li Jean Zhu Shang Yuan Supporting Role
Liang Yolin Du Jing Qiu Supporting Role
Alimjan Reyizha Shen Ji Supporting Role
Lee Li Chun Li Cheng Dao Supporting Role
Chang Jerry An Bang Supporting Role
Huang Tian Qi Wei Shi Supporting Role

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Drama , Historical , Mystery , Chinese