Zettai Reido 3 (2018)

Zettai Reido: Mizen Hanzai Sennyu Sousa, Absolute Zero 3, 絶対零度~未然犯罪潜入捜査~

Drama , Crime , Detective , Mystery , Japanese | Episode 14

9 655 10 0


The Japanese government carries out a secret project which entails collection of all personal information on its citizens. The data is then analyzed to determine who will likely commit serious crimes in the future and also discover details about their future crimes. Detectives go undercover to find out that information. Norito Izawa (Ikki Sawamura) is a former elite detective at the security bureau. Due to a case, he was demoted to the documentation section of the general affairs department. Troublemakers at the National Police Agency are normally found in the documentation section. The troublemakers are purposely sent to to the documentation section to carry out the government's secret project.


Honda Tsubasa Support Role
Yokoyama Yu Support Role
Ito Atsushi Support Role
Sawamura Ikki Norito Izawa Main Role
Aono Kaede Ep 7 Guest Role
Ueto Aya Izumi Sakuragi Guest Role
Shiraishi Mai Ep 8 Guest Role