Detective Agency: Face of the Gnome (2017)


Detective Agency: Face of the Gnome (2017)

탐정사무소 - 그놈의 얼굴

Movie , Drama , Mature , Thriller , Korean | 61 Min

7.6 1130 10 0


The unknown Jin finds out the detective office and asks Hyun-chae to investigate why his wife committed suicide. And it tells that the cause of Seonye is related to the inner part of Seonyun. Hyun Jung, who visited the South, finds out that the camp is hiding something from his statement. And I know Jinhui, a college alumni and psychotherapist. Hyun-jung knows that Jin-hee is a hypnosis specialist and feels that this event is related to hypnosis. Hyun-jung persuades the camp and goes to Jin-hee and starts to run down the things that happened on the day of the incident. After all, Jinhei starts to reveal the truth of all the events …