Heartfall Arises (2016)


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Heartfall Arises (2016)

Jing Xin Po, 驚心破

Movie , Action , Thriller , Chinese | 102 Min

7.7 647 10 0


Two Chinese chess masters are entangled in several serial murder cases related to organ transplants. Brave cop John Ma and criminal psychologist Calvin Che have to work together to find the missing link, which connects all cases while at the same time, they also face various threats and dangers.


Lau Ching Wan Professor Calvin Che Main Role
Tse Nicholas John Ma Main Role
Gao Vengo General Supporting Role
Fan Mavis Sue Supporting Role
Tong Li Ya Sharon Supporting Role
Chung King Fai Guest Role
Kwok Derek Guest Role
Lam Dominic Guest Role
Tang Sheren Guest Role
Keung Philip Guest Role
Choi Babyjohn Unknown Role


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