I'm Underage But I'm Not A Child (2017)
Ep 1


  • Release: 2017
  • Broadcast network: G - All Ages

I'm Underage But I'm Not A Child (2017)


Movie , Manga , Romance , School , Japanese | Episode 1

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On Oriyama Karin’s 16th birthday, she receives a present from her parents. Her present is marriage. The person she marries is her first love Tsurugi Nao. He is a popular senior in high school. For Nao, he only marries Karin for economic reasons and in particular the wealth of her parents. Karin loves him truly, but Nao doesn't love her at all. Their marriage is a secret, but Ebina Isuzu, who holds feelings for Karin, learns of their marriage.


Yamamoto Maika Saaya Matsui Support Role
Murakami Shingo Kaburaki Support Role
Takashima Masahiro Kazuki Oriyama Support Role
Chinen Yuri Ebina Isuzu Support Role
Nakajima Kento Tsuruki Nao Main Role
Taira Yuna Oriyama Karin Main Role