Life Risking Romance (2016)


Life Risking Romance (2016)

Risking Life for Love, Sarang Eul Wihae Mogsumeul, Moksoom Gun Yeonae, 목숨 건 연애

Movie , Comedy , Melodrama , Romance , Thriller , Korean | 103 Min

7.6 3483 10 0


Je-In is a mystery novel writer who chases after a serial killer with her longtime detective friend Rok-Hwan. A handsome and mysterious man, Jason, appears in front of them.


Ha Ji Won Je In Main Role
Chun Jung Myung Rok Hwan Main Role
Chen Bo Lin Jason Main Role
Yoon So Hee Yoo Mi Supporting Role
Kim Won Hae [Police officer] Supporting Role
Jung Hae Kyun Moksoom Gun Yeonae Supporting Role
Song Min Jung Writer Byeon Supporting Role
Oh Jung Se Heo Jong Goo Supporting Role
Lee Chae Mi Je In [Young] Guest Role
Choi Ro Woon Rok Hwan [Young] Guest Role
Ha Ha [Gangster] Guest Role
Lee Da In Je In [Teens] Guest Role