Madonna (2015)


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Madonna (2015)


Movie , Drama , Korean | 121 Min

7.4 1469 10 0


Hae-Rim, a 35-year-old woman, finds a job at a hospital as an assistant nurse assigned to Chul-Oh, a quadriplegic VIP patient who practically owns the hospital. For the past 10 years, his son Sang-woo has been desperately keeping him alive to obtain his father's wealth, ordering doctor Hyuk-Gyu to perform several heart transplants despite recurrent heart failures. In need of another heart, Sang-woo chooses this time as a donor a brain dead unidentified woman, brought into the hospital from a mysterious accident. In exchange for money, Sang-woo asks Hae-Rim to look into the woman's background, seeking to receive the approval of her family for organ transplant. As Hae-rim needs the money she's offered, she agrees. She then discovers that the woman called Mi-Na was once a prostitute known as ‘Madonna’, who has experienced a lifetime of abuse, and that she is pregnant. In an attempt to save Madonna’s unborn child, Hye-rim goes against Sang-woo’s orders and searches for the baby’s father.


Kim Young Min Sang Woo Main Role
Byun Yo Han Hyeok Gyu Main Role
Seo Young Hee Hae Rim Main Role
Kwon So Hyun Mi Na Main Role
Lee Sang Hee Ah Ram Supporting Role
Go Seo Hee Han Joo Supporting Role
Jin Yong Wook Jong Dae Supporting Role
Han Song Hee Mi Yeong Supporting Role
Park Hyun Young Joon He Supporting Role
Yoo Soon Chul Chul Oh Supporting Role
Lee Sae Ro Mi Recuperating woman Guest Role
Kim Ho Jung Unknown Role



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