Musudan (2016)


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Musudan (2016)


Movie , Mystery , Thriller , Korean | 87 Min

7.5 809 10 0


About a mysterious accident that occurs within the demilitarized zone, the movie will chronicle the ensuing desperate struggle between elite members of the North and South Korean armies.


Kim Min Joon Captain Jo Jin Ho Main Role
Lee Ji Ah First Lieutenant Shin Yoo Hwa Main Role
Oh Jong Hyuk Sergeant Yoo Cheol Hwan [South Korean Army] Supporting Role
Kim Byung Chul Jak Jeon Gwan Supporting Role
Seo Hyun Woo Lieutenant Lee Hyeon Seok Supporting Role
Jung Jin First Sergeant Park Sang Cheol Supporting Role
Kim Sa Kwon Sergeant Han Seung Ho Supporting Role
Park Yoo Hwan Staff Sergeant Gu Yun Gil Supporting Role
Kim Goo Hyun Lieutenant Ri Ho Jin [North Korean Army] Supporting Role
Yoon Jin Wook [North Korean army sergeant #1] Supporting Role
Kim Dong Young Sergeant Noh Il Kwon Supporting Role
Do Ji Han Lieutenant Choi Cheol [North Korean Army] Supporting Role
Kim Myung Gon [Chief of Staff] Guest Role
Myung Gye Nam [North Korean Army] Guest Role



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