Parks (2017)
Ep 1


  • Release: 2017
  • Broadcast network: G - All Ages

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Parks (2017)

PARKS パークス

Movie , Drama , Japanese | Episode 1

7.5 452 10 0


A high school student named Haru shows up at the door of Jun, a university student living near Inokashira Park. Haru read a letter from her late father's former girlfriend that she found in his belongings, and she has come to Kichijoji based on the address on the letter and a photograph from fifty years ago. After this unlikely encounter, Jun and Haru go to look for that girlfriend. 


Sano Shiro Unknown
Morioka Ryu Unknown
Seta Natsuki Unkown Job
Daisuke Kuroda Support Role
Ishibashi Shizuka Sachiko Support Role
Masaki Reiya Unknown
Nagano Mei Haru Main Role
Sometani Shota Tokio Main Role
Hashimoto Ai Jun Main Role



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