Perfect Imperfection (2016)


Perfect Imperfection (2016)

I Am Virgo, Wo Shi Chu Nu Zuo, 我是处女座

Movie , Comedy , Romance , Chinese | 90 Min

7.6 1730 10 0


The film tells the story of the Virgo as the restaurant manager Ye Xiaomeng (An Yi Xuan ornaments), due to emotional addiction, love for perfection, increasingly wasted into "left women." Girlfriend Yao Yao (Wang Shuai Shuai) jokingly said she has "virgin plot." With the Virgo is the character and Ye Xiaomeng very different food magazine editor of cold (Anzai Xian ornaments) game world, in the outsider seems to be a cynical playboy, but his "base friends" Song Bao (Song Jia Yang decorated) Know, because the emotional addiction, cold has never had a feeling of temptation. Cold because of the mistakes to the Ye Xiaomeng tea restaurant bad feedback, the two enemies together, do not know each other; and during this period Ye Xiaomeng accidentally met in all respects are in line with their ideal mate conditions, the general manager of the restaurant David (Fang Zhongxin), and David also because of Ye Xiaomeng's character and fell his fiancee Linda (Zhang ornaments) have a lot of similar, and its goodwill, the two came together. Several of the original scattered in Shenzhen, the hero, because the cold sudden loss of taste and together, from the tip of the wheat to each other warmth, make a lot of misunderstanding and jokes.   David has been out of the shadow of Linda, Ye Xiaomeng to heart, she can not accept this relationship is the "third person." And cold and Ye Xiaomeng also get along with the day and night found himself initiation of the heart feeling. Cold and David both involved in the emotional world of Ye Xiaomeng, while the situation is love


Fong Alex David Main Role
Ahn Jae Hyun Leng An Main Role
An Ady Ye Xiaomeng Main Role
He Jia Xiao Hua Chi Supporting Role
Wong Yat Fei Dai Ding Supporting Role