Shabon Dama (2017)
Ep 1


  • Release: 2017
  • Director: Higashi Shinji

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Shabon Dama (2017)

Soap Bubble, Where I Belong, しゃぼん玉

Movie , Drama , Family , Life , Japanese | Episode 1

7.6 491 10 0


Izumi was abandoned by his parents, so now he commits burglary, targeting women and the elderly. Chased by the cops, while on the run, he helps an injured elderly woman, Suma in the mountains of Miyazaki Prefecture. Izumi then stays at her home and, at first, keeps an eye for money that he can steal. The people in the village though think Izumi is Suma's grandson and take care of him, making him change.


Fujii Mina Michi Support Role
Higashi Shinji Unkown Job
Ichihara Etsuko Suma Support Role
Aijima Kazuyuki Suma's son Support Role
Watabiki Katsuhiko old man Shige Support Role
Hayashi Kento Izumi Main Role



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