Sunset in My Hometown (2018)
Ep 1


Sunset in My Hometown (2018)


Movie , Drama , Korean | Episode 1

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Hak Soo is an unpopular rapper who is homeless. He receives a phone call and goes back to his hometown of Byeonsan. There, he meets Sun Mi. They graduated from the same elementary school.


Jang Hang Sun [Hak Soo's father] Support Role
Bae Je Ki Sang Ryul Support Role
Jung Gyoo Soo [Sun Mi's father] Support Role
Lee Jun Ik Director
Go Joon Yong Dae Support Role
Shin Hyun Bin Mi Kyung Support Role
Kim Joon Han Won Joon Support Role
Jung Sun Chul Joong Shik Support Role
Jo Ha Seok Support Role
Ryu Seung Hyun [manager] Support Role
Kim Go Eun Sun Mi Main Role
Park Jung Min Hak Soo Main Role