The Rise of a Tomboy (2016)


The Rise of a Tomboy (2016)

The Perfect Lover of a Tomboy, Nu Han Zi Zhen Ai Gong Shi, 女汉子完美恋人

Movie , Comedy , Romance , Chinese | 90 Min

7.6 3601 10 0


The Rise of a Tomboy is a romantic comedy film, where the female lead tries to use mathematical formulas to find out how love works, but only to realize in the end that true love is about being able to feel the heartbeat of the other person.


Zhao Zanilia He Siu Wu Main Role
Tong Kimmy Sun Qiao Qiao Main Role
Jung Il Woo Ge Yang Main Role
Zhang Han Ye Si Yi Main Role
Twu Simon Do Supporting Role
Song Yi Unknown Role
He Wen Hui Unknown Role

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Movie , Comedy , Romance , Chinese